Thursday, 18 June 2009

my experience with somethings...

I have many paranormal experiences happen to me in my life, some of them more frightening than others, but this being the most recent have decided to submit it. I had two pet hairless rats for almost a year. About a month ago I noticed that Mouse the bolder and smarter of my two rats was beginning to show signs of illness. When I mention that he was smart it was almost frightening sometimes how smart he actually was. I would call him from his little box in his cage and he would climb into my hand and sit next to me and watch TV for hours. He would stand on his hind legs when he wanted a treat and give me kisses when I would make kissing sounds. He was one of the best friends I have ever had. His health rapidly deteriorated and about a week ago and I regretfully planned to have him put to sleep. I sat with him on my lap for about eight hours that day waiting for my vet appointment and wanting to be sure that if he died before the appointment it would be in the comfort of my lap. On the way to the vet he sat in my lap patiently as I drove through rush hour traffic in Phoenix. I stayed by his side while they gave him anesthetic gas to knock him out before they put him to sleep. I left before they put him down but I felt a sense of peace now that I knew he was not suffering anymore.
That night I went to check on my other rat Raisin knowing that he was probably wondering where his friend was. I heard Raisin happily drinking from his water bottle. I entered the room to find bubbles surfacing in the water bottle and Raisin peacefully asleep in his box. Later that night while falling asleep I felt tiny claws and the weight of someone very small sitting on my arm, when I opened my eyes nothing was there. I have seen Raisin acting strangely in his cage several times now as if something is chasing him around. I know Mouse is watching over Raisin and I, and will always be around when we need him.

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